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Interview!!! Pleasee

Hi I am currently doing pre-reqs for nursing and I need to do a research project on the field i want to go into. I want to know if there is anyone who i can interview who is a pediatric nurse. preferably a pediatric oncology nurse.

Thank You!!

I really appreciate it!

I will post questions once i see if anyone is willing to do it.

Thank you so much!

You know what I found to be very helpful? Working as a CNA in the feild. It gives you an idea as to what you are getting yourself into. With that said, find a CNA job at a near by hospital and work there. You will get floated to the different kind of units and with that you get to meet nurses who have gone and seen many different things during their careers. The more you get to work with them, the more your get to know them, the more you learn about where you want to go with nursing.


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