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Hello everyone! I must interview a trained caregiver for my Philosophy of Healthcare course project. There are just a few questions. I immensely appreciate it if one of you could answer them.


1. Have you personally thought about what you would like your healthcare to be like if you were to
need physical care? If so describe that a little.

2. Would you say that you have some kind of philosophy that impacts how you care for patients?

3. What experiences, in giving care, were especially difficult ones for you?

4. Are there specific things about the care you've given that were especially good?

5. Do you have any specific feelings or preferences with regard to in home or in hospital care?

6. Knowing what you know now would you have changed jobs and gone to work in a different healthcare setting? What influences might have helped you to come to that conclusion?

7. What is one thing, one person, one experience that was so positive that it is worth mentioning
and talking about as a healthcare provider?

8. What advice or recommendations would you give to care providers that might have worth or weight in their making future decisions about their own caregiving?

9. Have you learned any hard lessons in giving care that you are comfortable sharing?

10. What is something that you wish you had known before entering into the healthcare field?

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