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Interview for HSS - OR


Interview for HSS - OR

Interviewed with recruiter at hospital. Standard questions. Research on hospital and provide a strong answer on why you want to work there. What made you want to be a nurse. If i called your manager right now how would be describe you. what is your strength and weakness. come with questions to ask the recruiter.

OR Med test with focus on standards of care in the OR, SCIP, very few dosage calculations (given only 4), malignant hyperthermia was a big one - med, disease process, treatment, anesthesia gases - complications, med, and treatment for adverse reactions.

Specific notes I wrote down:

Iodine allergy: prep to use?

SCIP requires that a patient receives a particular medication during the peri op period if he has been taking that med prior to surgery. What med is it - beta blocker, benzo, ace inhibitor?

How is dantrium administered

Anesthetic agents considered safe for patient susceptible to malignant hyperthermia. Know meds and treatment.

PCN allergy: what can't the patient have? Sulfonamide, cephalosporin, aminoglycoside?

Latex allergy with food interactions

Prep solutions: types, how to apply, contraindications

Blocks: administrations of nerve blocks, expectations of care, complications

Anesthesia: know your meds and gases

Know about epi, narcan, and flumazenil

Met with nurse manager. Standard interview questions again.

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