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hi, i need to interview some staff and charge rn's for research :p so i would really apreciate it if you answer the questions below by post or message me. thx for your time ^_^

staff nurse questions:

1.what did you learn about medication errors in your nursing program?

2.what do you believe is the cause and frequency of medication errors? often do you believe that nurses do not report a medication error and what are the the reasons?

4.can you tell me about a medication on your nursing unit? how did it occur?

5. what is the procedure when a medication error occurs? prevent or lower the incidence of medication error what helpful information can you give to a new graduate? are medication errors used to continuously improve the care of their clients? do you believe new graduates are doing in the nursing field? there anything that you would require for a new graduate to know that might not be taught in nursing programs? long have you been a nurse?

charge nurse questions: long have you been a nurse? long as a supervisor?

3.what is the frequency of medication errors in your area of responsibility?

4.what are the nursing responsibilities when an error occurs?

5.have you had to develop educational plans or give letters of counseling because of medication errors?

6.what hospital comittee makes decisions concerning medication errors?

7.what advice can you give to a new graduate nurse? are medication errors traced by nursing to find causes and improve client care?

9.what changes can be made to better prepare students for the health care enviorment?

10.have you ever witnessed a serious drug reaction from a patient that was unaware of an allergy to the medication?

thank you for your help!

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