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Hi everyone! I have my interview for the Fall 08 program on March 14th at 10am. They said there will be a math test given after the interview. I called and asked how to study for this test, and she said that it was just a "general" math test. What do you guys think I should study?

Also, if anyone could share any experiences they have had at NS interviews that would be appreciated!



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As far as studying, I would say general calculations, percentages, fractions, very basic Algebra.

Advice would be, keep eye contact and try not to fidget.

If you don't know an answer, say so. The people who interview know when you are "searching" for an answer or just making stuff up.

Know some basic info about the program you are applying for.

Be able to tell them Why you want to be a nurse, LEAVE OUT monetary gain as a reason.

Arrive at least 15-30 minutes early. At my interview when the person would finish one interview she would periodically look to see who signed in and what times they arrived. Punctuality is a MUST.

Have a few questions ready to ask, but don't bombard them with questions you could have easily found out from the secretary.

Finally, relax..... They aren't going to bite you. Remember they want students in their programs.


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