interview advice, help please!

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Hi everyone! I'm an RN, will have BSN in December 2010 and have 12 years experience, mostly inpatient psychiatric. I am looking to return to work fulltime now that I'm almost done with my school work. I have an interview tomorrow morning for a position I don't know that much about. It's with my hospital's material management department and I was hoping for some insight or advice from anyone who has a similar position. Here's the job posting :


RN license in Virginia with a minimum of 5 years clinical nursing experience. Utilizes Clinical Quality Value Analysis methodology and processes to assure optimization of financial and clinical quality of products. Works with Materials Management team and clinical departments in identification of cost saving opportunities, new healthcare product developments and supply chain industry trends and acts as a change agent. Must be able to work independently, multi-task, organize, and prioritize workload in review of new products, chair Clinical Quality Value Analysis committees with development of meeting agendas, research of product financial/clinical data, product evaluations, and new product implementations. Must have a positive attitude and good communication skills in customer service.

I just got a call for the interview, and it's tomorrow. I like to do some research about the position prior to interviewing, but I'm not sure what this sort of job falls under. Any words of wisdom? Thanks so much for any/all comments and have a great day!

Kacey in VA:nurse: