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Interqual question


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A couple of the discharge planners at my hospital (including me) realize that we are interpreting some of the IQ criteria differently. Would someone give me their take on this?

For example, using the CNS/MS subset, (pg 86 in the 2008 book), for the Severity of Illness under imaging findings....Fracture/Dislocation of cervical/thoracic spine. Do you interpret this criteria to be related ONLY to the dislocation or fracture of the cervical or thoracic spine OR as someone said today....ANY fracture?

The argument was made that because the Fracture is capitalized and it is followed by another capitalized word that they stand alone. This is a new job for me and most of my previous IQ work has been computerized so I've been dependent on the "green light" :chuckle to tell me if a patient met criteria.

Anyone want to enlighten me!! Thanks!! :loveya:

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