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interpreting the teas scores


I took the exam a few days ago, the first exam I have taken in many years. I did study for it, online "you tube" videos and some books.

I should have studied more, however, the school sent a note out about not taking the test, there was a problem with ATI. The note said to wait until being contacted again before registering. I let 2 weeks go by with no study and waiting for an email response, there was none....long story short, they messed up my account at the school, so, off I went to the exam....grrr

anyway, I did what I thought was horrible, an adjusted score of 67.3. However, I am in the 82 percentile in my program. My scores were higher than the average scores of the other applicants, not that it says much about any of our scores.

Can anyone tell me how to figure out if i will be considered the 1 of 40 and I have a gpa of 3.9 (but without science classes). 150 applied.

I feel like this was one of the math questions on the exam !!!

thanks in advance

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