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Internships/Externships any information about?

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I am a nursing student. I would like to apply for the nursing externship/intership while I am still at school. Anyone had that type of experience and would like to share? The posts don't tell anything about the scheduling or pay rates. And they are not clear if there is any difference between them.

-How was your work hours? PRN, Part-time, Full Time summer? Did you have any Payment?

-How was the admission process? Any tips to stand out?

-Any other information/experiences you think it is important for the newbies to know 😄


Thank's a lot!

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llg has 43 years experience as a PhD, RN and specializes in Nursing Professional Development.

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Each program is different.   So one person's experience in one program may be nothing like the experience you will have at another institution.    You have to do your homework regarding the programs of each hospital that interests you.

For example, the extern program that I work with is a paid job for 10 weeks in the summer and require a full time commitment.  But I know other programs that are part time positions that run year-round.

Investigate each program that is a possibility for you separately because what is true for one program may totally opposite what is true for another.

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