Internships/externships in holistic nursing/naturopathic medicine?


Hey all,

I'm currently a junior level student who is looking to get connections in the holistic/natural health aspect of nursing. Does anyone know of any good places for this? Thanks!

Hi. I am in a similar situation as you. I am getting ready to graduate in May and am also interested in holistic nursing. I'm looking into volunteering at one of the local hospitals. There is one in my area with a center of integrative medicine as well as another one in a wellness center. Also, I saw something on about becoming a holistic N.P. You could try google searching it. Best wishes!


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Check out the summer camp staff options at the Global Youth Village. They offer homeopathy as a treatment option along with allopathic treatment choices. Don't have to be licensed. (But it is also great if you are!) Good place to get some practical experience in a community health type setting with teens and staff from around the world.

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