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I already have a BS degree in Nutrition and am contemplating on applying in the Entry-Level Masters in Nursing. How difficult is it to get in the program considering that schools limit the number of students per batch? Do you know if schools provide any financial aid to international students?

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i have the same question...

i am currently a 3rd yr student at a Univ of CA majoring in psych. it wasnt until recently (after weeks of volunteering at a local hospital) that i've decided to be a nurse. i am planning to finish my undergrad and receive my degree in psych in spr05, then apply to a direct-entry msn program afterwards. similar to want2beanurse, i would like to know how selective the institutions that offer this program are. how many applicants, on average, apply every year? what are the things that i should do to increase my chances of getting admitted?

additionally, i see that there are some pre-req courses that i have to take to get admitted. my question is, does it matter where i take those courses if i really want to get into the direct-entry program?

lastly, i really want to be a nurse anesthetist, but sadly, i hear that most direct-entry programs dont offer nurse anesthetist as one of the specializations. my question is, should i do direct-entry (if admitted) for 3 yrs specializing in nurse practitioner or something else and then apply again for masters to be a crna? or do i forget about direct-entry, go get my bsn (for 4 yrs) or second degree bsn (for 2 yrs, i think) and then apply for masters in nurse anesthetist? which one do you think is better? i hope i made sense.

thanks for the help/advice in advance everyone!


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