What is it like to be a nurse in NZ???

  1. Hello NZ nurses! I am a critical care nurse in California, USA and thinking of taking a working holiday to NZ. I wanted to hear from the source what it is like! I know you healthcare is different than ours (we tend to keep people on the brink of death alive in our ICU for weeks just because the family wants to). Also I wanted to know some of the best places to live and best hospitals to work at. My passion is neurosurgical ICU and trauma. I enjoy academic hospitals here in the USA because the residents and interns are usually helpful, good teachers and patient with nurses who like to tell them our opinion!
    So I would love to hear from all of you to help me make the best decision!!!
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  3. by   Djuna
    I have never worked in neuro before but New Zealand is a small place and specialties like that would be found in larger hospitals like Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

    Auckland is the largest city in NZ but it is expensive to live in. I would look at Christchurch in the South Island, beautiful city, less expensive to live in but cold in the winter.

    Wellington is another option, although it can be very chilly and windy, it is a pretty city and easy to live in.

    I worked in Auckland City Hospital before it was rebuilt, but it is a large tertiary hospital which is well equipped, generally well staffed and modern. I don't know what any of the other hospitals are like to actually work in.

    Hope you have a fantastic time in NZ.