USA or OZ? need help aahhh!!! - page 2

hi all, i am a 28 yr old male neonatal nurse in Lincoln, uk. Due to going through a divorce (ongoing!) i now have the chance to work and live abroad! my question is which country would offer the best... Read More

  1. by   njtogarn
    boy you can earn mega bucks as a nicu rn working in ny/nj, USA get your documents together.
  2. by   Leofric
    well, there is a lot to think about so thanks guys and gals! i will probly do nothing 4 6 mnths as i have enough change what with the divorce and moving out and all! got a great room though! right next to Lincoln cathedral!
    mebin sounds like the place to go though. thinkin bout St Vincents NICU as a possibility.