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  1. Hi,
    I am just wondering if anyone has done the 2 year nursing program at U of T and if they have any comments about the program such as likes and dislikes about it?

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  3. by   ldh
    Hi there - I am currently in my senior year at the UofT, and I absolutely love it. It is very, very intense and I would say the first year is sort of like "drinking out of a fire hose" especially with no prior health care experience. However, the faculty is superb, extremely supportive, and professional. I have never had a bad experience in clinical. I think that the program is very well organized, and it is a treat to have colleagues who already have degrees and are a bit more mature - with more life experience.

    I think, as with any nursing program in the world, that students wish that they could have more hours/days spent in clinical, but the lab and instructors are available should you feel uncomfortable with a new procedure or if you just need a refresher/extra practice. Also, tuition and living expenses in Toronto are very high - but imho the extra price is worth the high quality of the program.

    I really don't have anything negative to say about the program - and just like you, I had talked to some UofT students a few years back prior to my acceptance in the program, and they all had 95% positive things to say about it.
  4. by   DiscouragedNewGrad
    I have completed the UT nrsg program a year ago. I found that it had its good and bad areas.

    Good: clinical placements. U of T makes sure that everyone goes through the essential placements (Med/Surg, Geriatrics, Paeds, L&D, Mental Health, Community...). This is a great thing since your nrsg exam will ask questions in all these areas. Other nrsg schools in Toronto don't have students experience each of those areas which is really sad and unfortunate.

    Bad: Can be unorganized.

    UT teaches you to think critically and use theory and evidence based practice. I think that this is great. I DO think that (unless you enjoy hospital nursing) UT does NOT prepare you to be a hospital nurse. IMO, I feel that they prepare you to use your brain critically - and hospital nursing is NOT that. They prepare you for roles such as Public Health Nurses. I honestly think that after graduating from UT, you won't be satisfied in the hospital - i know that I wasn't - I felt that I was a monkey, doing meager tasks that anyone could do as long as they were fast. But again, that's just my opinion - I never went into nursing to be a hospital nurse.

    I am currently a nurse educator - educating, monitoring, and counselling people on diabetes management. And the only reason I knew about the place that I currently work at was through a student placement through UT.

    Hope that helps!

    Feel free to email me if you have anymore questions.