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Can someone tell me about the belt with the clasp that was/is worn with the nursing uniforms? Does it serve a purpose? Is it tradition & if so, what is the story behind it? Reason for asking, is... Read More

  1. by   Betty_SPN_KS
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    Rightly said, but i not sure about scrubs unless they identify staff clearly their roles, thinking this from the patients perpective.
    In some facilities, the scrubs are color-coded to identify the roles of the workers.
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    Again, please enlighten this American, if you would. What is the difference between the level one and level two registered nurses?
    Thought this was a simple question when I started to answer but ever time I started I seem to need to explain the step before.
    Here goes

    All nurses in the UK are registered on at least one part of the register.

    Historically nurses qualified on two levels, and were placed on either a register or a roll..

    State Registered Nurse (SRN) were on the register.
    State Enrolled Nurses (SEN) were on the role.

    SRN completed 3 years training and the entry requirements were higher.

    SEN completed 2 years training

    They then decided to stop the enrolled nurse training but the was still many enrolled nurses in practice.

    They devised the register calling all SRN's level 1 and SEN's level 2 nurses. This register was expanded to include nurse of different specilities

    Level 1 Registered General Nurse (Old SRN)
    Level 2 Enrolled Nurse General
    Level 3 Registered Mental Nurse (RMN)
    Level 4 Enrolled Nurse Mental
    The list continues to incorporate nurses who are trained in Learning Disabilities, childrens nursing and midwifery. I did try to find the full list to no avail. (If someone can post this it would help)

    As the old SEN training had been disbanded, nurses with a level two qualification were allowed to convert to first level, by doing an extra two years training. It is therefore possible to find nurses who are registered under two or more parts of the register, i.e.
    A nurse who originally completed his/her ENM then converted to RMN would be registered under parts 3 and 4 of the register. It is possible to then add further training to the qualifications, i.e. Adult Nursing (general) and would then also be reistered under part 1 of the register as well, and so on....

    It all gets too confusing and I seem to remember they thinking of changing it all again
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    Can anyone provide a link to a pic of a UK nurse uniform? Dress with belt, and also the pants and tunic. Are the pants and tunic anything like the scrubs we wear here in the US?
    Hi, this site has huge numbers of pictures on nurses wearing traditional uniforms: www.homestead.com/dyk/index.html
    At my hospital we wear a blue and white striped dress, a blue belt with silver buckle if you have one, black tights and black shoes. It is very smart and also comfortable. There is a choice of a blue and white striped tunic top and navyy blue trousers if you prefer.