Understanding and Addressing Girls-symposium

  1. may be this could help some nurses interested in area. i received it by
    email and even if i wish to hear the speech is impossible to go. but for sure will be a nice symposium.

    the community health systems resource group at the hospital for sick
    children is hosting its 2nd symposium focusing on collaborative

    a focus on relationships: understanding and addressing girls'
    aggressive behaviour problems

    host: dr. debra pepler

    date: monday november 26th, 2007

    location: mars collaboration centre, 101 college street, toronto, on

    abstract: there is a growing interest in girls' aggressive behaviour
    problems. research is showing that the risk factors for girls' problems
    are quite similar to those of boys; however, it appears that
    relationships may be especially critical in girls' development. this conference will focus on understanding the risk and protective factors related to girls' development, with an emphasis on how research has been translated into effective interventions for girls of all ages. from a developmental perspective, it is essential to understand and address girls' aggressive behaviour problems early, as they are at high risk for becoming involved in abusive relationships and experience difficulties in their role as mothers of the next generation.

    information: [color=#003399]http://www.sickkids.ca/communityhealth/

    sarah bovaird, mph
    project coordinator
    community health systems resource group
    the hospital for sick children
    tel: (416)813-7654 ext. 4192
    fax: (416)813-7258
    e-mail: [color=#003399]sarah.bovaird@sickkids.ca
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