UK nurse needs advice on work permit please

  1. Hi,

    I would really appreciate some advice. I have a job offer from BC Women's to work as an obstetric nurse. I have applied for my nurse registration in BC and had confirmation of my eligibility, so I have now send them my form for criminal record check and form for temporary registration, so all that is pretty much sorted!

    BC Women's have got my references and have just applied to HRDC for confirmation of my offer and they have given me a start date of 27th Feb 2007. I've booked my flight as I managed to get in dirt cheap by booking it in advance, something stupid like 129 one way.

    I'm just suddenly having a panic attack now worrying about whether my temporary work permit will have come through by then , last time I had to get a work permit it was really quick (I went to Toronto for a 6 week elective back in 2002), I got it in like 2 months through the London High Commission. I will probably apply for it in about 2 weeks and know I will need a medical, so i'm thinking of booking it up at one of the allocated doctors already, so I don't have to wait.

    Has anyone else applied for a temporary work permit? if so how long did it take? did you have any problems?

    Also, i've been looking at areas to live in, I was thinking somewhere in downtown vancouver like Yaletown, any ideas? (or am i dreaming that i'm going to win the lottery)


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