UBC advanced standing program

  1. I applied for the advanced nursing program at UBC this year. I got an interview but didn't get accepted, which is really sad. Is there anyone who has successfully been accepted this year share some information with me?

    1. I checked the online status and have been told that my academic average is not enough for admission. So I wonder if they calculate the overall GPA or just the prerequisite plus the English. If they calculate the overall GPA, I will have a A. If they only calculate the anatomy, physiology and English. I will only have a B(cuz I got a C+ of my English since I am not a native speaker). Anyone can help? I am really confused....

    2. If my academic average is not enough, why they offered me an interview? Sounds ridiculous.

    Anyway, I am just trying to find out the weak part so that I can catch up, thanks a lot for any replies from you guys...
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  3. by   tkhun
    I think I read somewhere on cnsa.ca that UBC gives you a chance to review your application with them to find out what you could have done to get accepted. Check with the UBC school of nursing about having such a review. I think quite a number of people go for these reviews and get accepted when they apply again. Have a look at the following thread from cnsa.ca - it might have information about these reviews (not too sure coz I read about them a long time ago). Good luck.

  4. by   xingyuan
    Thanks a lot, tkhun. I think it is really helpful. :wink2: