U.S. NPs working in NZ

  1. Can I get any advice from NPs in NZ regarding whether NPs from the States get hired there?
    I am a psychiatric NP looking to relocate and would greatly appreciate any advice. Specifically I'm curious about salaries, working conditions, and the process in general.

    Thanks in advance.

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  3. by   Interested Party
    I'm assuming that NP means Nurse Practitioner. NZ introduced NPs some years ago which required post graduate qualifications. You will need to get registration as RN first and then you should approach the hospitals about NP positions. Nursing Council NZ can advise how to obtain registration and then you can possibly get an endorsement as NP on your registration. Do a web search on District Health Board NZ and that should give you a list of hospital all over NZ. If there are vacancies, the pay rates are usually stated in the job description. :wink2: