U.S citizen (LPN) wanting to work in Trinidad and Tobago

  1. Hey guys! im new to the forum but i have been a lurker for quite some time! i recently passed my nclex-PN in April of this year and would like to know where i can get ANY info on working in trinidad longterm. I currently live in New york and am a U.S citizen born and raised but would like to venture out and possibly make a move out there....questions...is this realistic? do they get paid fairly the same amount overseas? are lpn jobs in trinidad or tobago even available? do they have lpn-rn programs in trinidad that are affordable? any info will help thanx guys!!
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  3. by   foodiegirl
    Wow, same thought in my mind....when you find any info, please do share as I will with you...would be a great for me to do so in Tobago..
  4. by   Candii
    Hi, you can visit this website www.nursingcounciltt.org. This council is the only nursing governing body in T&T. Give them a call,they're helpful with queries. If a LPN is the equivalent to an E.N.A(Enrolled Nursing Assistant) in T&T, I don't know of any bridge LPN-RN programs available. The E.N.A's in my RN (ADN) program didn't receive credit for any prior course work done. The basic salary is increased annually,on the basis of an appraisal.
  5. by   foodiegirl
    Candii, Thank you so much for the info. I will definitely look into it!!
  6. by   cutelilmizz
    thanx ladiesss
  7. by   TRINI82
    I know this topic is old, but what was the outcome? Did you ever move? I'm considering moving back to Trinidad, but not sure of the nursing salaries...
  8. by   Raynel29
    Hey, I know this is old but I'm a RN in Trinidad. The basic salary is about $1000 US dollars per month. Allowances are $300 US per month. So it's $1300 US or $8500 TT it's probably less for RN's who are just starting but I've been working here for 5 years and this is it. Sad but true
  9. by   BELFON1986
    I'm aware that this is old, but you can obtain an RN degree in Trinidad at any of the COSTATT , which is the college there for all Heath care and/or science careers you so choose. Look it up. I am an LPN as well (with years of experience), and truth is, I've been thinking of going back to Trinidad as well - for GOOD. And even tho I know the salary will be less than what I get here in the US, the quality of LIFE itself, far outweighs the extra $$$$...., besides, salary is balanced off by the cost of living expenses....so all in all, it's gonna be okay. But I'd prefer to finish my RN - BEFORE moving back, and although I've procrastinated with that venture, I aim to STILL COMPLETE it, so that's my goal for the next two years....let's cheer each other up on.
  10. by   BELFON1986
    OMG....that's all they pay? Anyway, it'll balance itself out with the cost of living expenses.... I just want to be HAPPY , and healthy..., plus there's no other place like my PARADISE Island/country - TRINIDAD & TOBAGO .....
  11. by   canadiantrininurse
    I know it's an old topic but i'm actually in the same boat. Im an rpn in canada( same as lpn in the US) and wanted to move back home. I was wondering if anyone managed to move over there yet and found any information. I was born down there and grew up there but came to canada for schooling and have dual citizenship. I tried messaging the nursing council but no answer as yet. maybe it would be better to finish the bridging to RN in canada first like someone above suggested before going down...hopefully things will improve over there by then..
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    And i am aware of the crime and living situations over there right now..