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  1. by   BowlerRN
    I was always taught that diabetics did not use alcohol swabs in their homes, because they were around there normal flora and in the hospital there is increased risk of nosocomial infection, but I have never heard of these studies that say not to use alcohol i find it very interesting.
  2. by   JACLPN-RN
    Quote from Karen30
    I reply to this thread in two capacities, both as a nurse and someone whose family member has diabetes. My views and opinions are however the same regardless.

    I have been taught never to swab prior to giving a diabetic insulin, for several reasons.

    1. Your average diabetic does not swab prior to insulin at home.
    2. The alcohol in swabs eventually makes skin tough, dry and hard and thus can make it very painful for a diabetic to inject themsleves with insulin, let alone another person doing it for them.

    Providing you, the patient or whoever may be giving the insulin washes their hands then the risks are minimal.
    I just recently went through an inservice at my hospital and the policy states that "swabing" is optional. However, this is the first time that I have been exposed to the concept of not cleansing the site with alcohol. I guess one just has to follow the protocol where you work.