To come back to Canada and work as RN

  1. Hi Everyone

    I am a nursing student in my last year of study. I hope to complete my RN degree this year. My plan is to do a Graduate Program after completeing my degree to build up my clinical skills and feel more confident. Then after a couple of years working in the hospital my dream and goal is to come back to Canada (Calgary) to work as RN.

    I have been to Calgary a number of times now and I so love it there. My partner is Calgarian and he would like to come back and live too - he miss his homeland.

    I have been in contact with CRHA and there is an CRNA exam I have to sit for when I do come back, held several times a year. Does anyone know if this exam is hard?

    Also, I was hoping if someone could assist me with some examples of medication calculation questions too? Curious to see if there is much difference between Australian medication calculations to Canada. Probably not, but it dont hurt to ask. :smackingf

    I just recently resat my Medication exam for Univerity prior to going out on placement. They were basic questions and I passed 100%. So very happy. Sometimes they can give technical questions where I can sometimes fumble. I prefer to prepare myself and start practising any technical med calc questions to build up my skill. As I have always had the problem with math and its good for my self esteem that I can finally do math questions. Its a good accomplishment

    I look forward to your reply. I love Canada and I really want to come back to live and work someday soon.
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  3. by   paulacath
    I have some sample medication calculations -- pm me if you are interested.

    I am currently a student so i can't say for sure how hard the exam is, but I hear it is quite extensive at least

    good luck with your studies!