telling the public

  1. yesterday i had a "moment" with the hair dressers who were doing my hair.

    i have made it my mission recently to let the public know the extent of knowledge we actually require.
    sometimes its completely innapropriate to "educate" people, ut i rocked yesterday.
    and it felt good.

    i was comparing nursing to hairdressing. for all we know the hairdressers just cut, colour and wash hair, but there is so much more technically that they need to know.

    as soon as i made the comparison, it clicked for them.

    it was beautiful.:spin:

    here endeth the rant
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  3. by   NCVegRN
    :hatparty: Great job on finding a totally relateable comparison. Have you read From Silence to Voice? I think it is a must read. Talks about how all nurses can communicate the value of nursing effectively via different communication routes - including everyday contacts like this one.