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  1. I realise that you are all having lots of problems dealing with the SARS crisis and the unfair danger payments. So sorry if my question seems a little trivial!!

    I would love to have an idea of how much "take home" pay I would have each month. I realise that unsocial hours etc make a difference but I would appreciate an "average" figure. We are looking on websites at houses/apartments to rent but I have no idea of what we should be able to afford.

    I will be working full-time, on $33.75/hr. My husband won't be working initially, we have children aged 10 and 7. I have looked on the revenue canada website but have no idea of the tax rate.

    In England I reckon my deductions for tax, national insurance, pension etc come to about 28.5%. Am I going to have a big shock when I come to Toronto???

    Also do you get paid monthly?

    Thanks very much
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  3. by   toronto rn
    Hi Gail, generally pay is every 2 weeks although your first check may take 3 weeks to come through. The tax rate seems about the same as you have stated with pension deductions, employment insurance and health benefits. Likely your take home pay after deductions will be in the range of $1400.00- 1700.00 canadian dollars every two weeks. Working weekends and night shift can add a hundred or so to the total. You may not start contributing to the HOOPP pension until you have been employed for several months, also extended health coverage - dental, drugs, etc can run in the neighbour of $70.00- deducted once a month, union dues are mandatory as well deducted the first pay of the month-$55.25. Parking is a problem downtown with lots close to the hospital charging up to $18.00 a day. I believe St Michaels hospital gives a travel/parking allowance to staff of $85.00/month. Good luck with budgeting! rents can be a little steep.