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  1. Hi!
    I'm a BScN student in Ontario, and thinking seriously about trying to find an OR placement for my independent practice/consolidation/preceptorship (whatever they're calling it this year at my school!).
    The placement director said that this might not be possible...
    Do you have any knowledge of a student doing their 10-week placement in the OR? Do you know of hospitals that might consider this?
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  3. by   Giggles

    I am graduating this year from York U. I too wanted the O.R. but York said that anyone wanting the O.R. would have to finish a six week training course before they did the O.R. I decided that was too much for me and opted for something else. You can try asking for day surgery, I know a lot of people who got that, they just had to do a six week placement in med/surg first.

    Hope this helps.

  4. by   Lys
    Hey Trent,

    I wanted to do this as well...but since OR requires additional (even post-BSN) certification, it's not an option for students (which somewhat sucks, I wish they'd just let us do Circulating or something).

    I did a placement (year 4) in Day Surgery was pretty interesting. Though, not a lot of clinical skill use...I pretty much did paperwork, vitals, some demerol shots pre-scope, more vitals, and demonstrated how to put gowns on. The plus side to all of this, I got a really good feel for how the surgeons and nurses worked together, and I got the opportunity to observe a couple of endoscopes, and numerous surgeries.

    Hope you can find something that you enjoy :hatparty: