1. I am a dutch nurse. My degree was not valid in the states so I took the Ohio Stateboards and received my license to practice as an R.N.However I don't know value of this license. Is this considered a 2-3-or 4 year diploma.
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  3. by   fiestynurse
    I am confused miracle. You say your "degree" was not valid in the states, but you sat for the state boards in Ohio, so they must have considered your nursing education or "degree" to be sufficient for obtaining your RN license. You passed your state boards and are licensed as a Registered Nurse. That is all that matters!
    Good Luck and welcome!
  4. by   Doey
    Hi Miracle
    I think there might be confusion in terminology.
    You took the Ohio stateboards and received a nursing license. The license gives you the right to legally practice as a RN in the state of Ohio. It indicates that you have met the minimal requirements for practice.
    It is not a reflection or indication of the type of basic nursing education you have. Whether you are 2,3,or 4 year diploma/degree depends on what kind of pathway you took to become a RN. If somone goes through a two year program they have an associates degree in nursing. If they went to a 3yr hospital based program they have a diploma in nursing. If they went to a 4yr college/university they have a bachelors degree in nursing. No matter which program someone chooses they all qualify you to take the state boards. It wasn't your degree that was not valid. It was the fact that you needed to take an exam to ensure minimal knowledge to be able to legally practice nursing in the US. Degree is used to signify what you are awarded when you graduate from a school of nursing. ie, diploma,associates,or bachelors. So if you graduated from a two year program you are given an associates degree in nursing but you cannot legaly practice nursing until after you take your boards.
    I hope that helps to clarify things a bit for you. (or makes you more confused!!!!)
    At any rate, congratulations and welcome!!