Simulation lab NCAS-please suggest me the procedures for entry level nurses

  1. I am doing NCLEX RN this year but before that I need to go through simulation lab and computer based assessment through NCAS .i am so scared because there is no information about SLA .
    i visited the college in person , where I am scheduled for SLA.THe staff gave no information except that it will be all for entry level nurses.
    could anybody suggest me any procedures to prepare ?
    there will be four parts :

    medical surgical nursing
    community health nursing
    mental health nursing
    I am not sure if that's correct becoz somebody gave me this above info .
    MY question is -will I be expected to perform fundal examination on a pregnant women ?that sounds like a little advanced for a entry level nurse.

    i have done advanced procedures in INdia as a RN ,but in Canada A nurse need certification to be a IV nurse , which was absolutely normal in my country .i did hundreds of IV's on real patients when I was only in second year of my nursing college ,only 20 years old .

    I use to have a practical book which had all the procedures I have done in my nursing college but I am missing that one .can anybody help me with what to expect in the exam ?
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  3. by   Lillianlou321
    Hello! I read your comments and questions about the NCAS. I am in the same situation as you. Did you already do the test? Do you want to study with me? Or what tips do you have for me if you already passed it. I feel they all want to make a big secret out of it. Let's get together! :-)
    Warm regards,
  4. by   akaur212
    Hi Lilian
    I haven’t done the test yet.and yes its a big secret. i physically visited the facility and asked them for resources and they behave like its a big big secret and they told me nothing.
    I would definitely want to study with you. You can email me at
  5. by   dishes
    Postpartum assessment is a part of Canadian RN nursing school programs and is considered entry to practice. Think about what assessments are safest for the patients, also think about the various environments that Canadian nurses may work in, some work in rural and remote communities and patients count on them to know what to watch for in all types of medial situations. The provincial nursing regulatory bodies want to know that nurses have the knowledge, skill and judgement to practice safely in any environment.
    Suggest you obtain the textbook Physical examination and health assessment Canadian edition by Carolyn Jarvis and practice taking a variety of focused histories and physical exams on family, friends and study partners. Also review videos of the various nursing assessments on youtube.
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  6. by   akaur212
    THAnks a lot atleast i know a textbook which i can study. Thanks
  7. by   dishes
    akaur, for a list of seven textbooks that can be used as study resources look on click on the heading at the top entitled 'How to Prepare', keep clicking on the following; oral assessment- resources- RN 3.RN resource references pdf.
  8. by   akaur212
    You are right dishes but the issue is doing 7 textbooks are not easy so i was looking for one or two to do thorough review.
  9. by   dishes
    Of the textbooks on the list, the medical surgical textbook is one you should consider buying because in the ncas blueprint under RN- client health status- the conditions are predominantly medical and surgical.
    Maybe you can look up the other conditions in their appropriate textbooks at the library? Focus on the conditions in the blueprint.
    Mental Health Disorders: Anxiety Disorders, Mood Disorders
    Obstetrics: Premature birth, Ante-partum, Post-partum bleed
    Pediatrics: Respiratory, Gastrointestinal

    You said you were missing your practical book with the procedures, the one that is used in Canadian nursing (is on the list) is the Perry, A.G., Potter, P.A., & Ostendorf, W.R. (2014). Clinical Nursing Skills & Techniques. You may be able to look it up in the library as well. There should also be videos of many nursing skills available on youtube.
  10. by   akaur212
    Hi dishes
    These are the procedures i have prepared. please add more :
    Chest tube care
    Foley catheter insertion
    Feeding tubes
    PEG tubes , G tube feeding skills
    Unwitnessed fall
    Hanging IV minibag
    Priming IV line
    IV medication administration
    Nursing IV calculations
    Wound care
    Sterile dressing change
    Wound irrigation
    5minute head to toe assessment
    Blood pressure measurement manually and with stethoscope
    Please give me atleast 5 procedures everyday so that i make sure i covered everything. My SLA will be in January 2018.
    Lets start with Mental Health Nursing today yeaaahhhhh
  11. by   akaur212
    I think reading textbooks will not help me.i am done with everything and whenever i study,it feels like i know all that stuff. so better prepare for the procedures because i have studied everything in my 4 year degree plus i have done most of the books before my Computer Based Assessment.i need more knowledge about practicals
  12. by   dishes
    You are right sitting and reading textbooks doesn't really prepare someone for a simulated lab assessment, it's better to prepare by creating scenarios and role playing them.You can get ideas for scenarios by watching the College and Association of Registered Nurses Alberta (CARNA) series of videos about common scenarios and registered nursing practice in Canada. The series includes scenarios on topics such as; Discharge Teaching, Culturally Sensitive Issues, Inter-professional Team, Communicating, Patient Refusal of Care, Total Assessment, Code, Advocating for Patient Rights, Reporting Errors. (You can find the CARNA videos on youtube)

    Regarding your skills list, yes review them but don't spend a lot of time focusing on them because Canadian competency exams are not focused on how nurses perform clinical skills, they are more focused on the application of the entry to practice competencies. In order to be successful you need a good grasp of the information in the document 'Competencies in the context of entry-level registered nurse practice in BC'. In addition to reviewing the entry to practice document available on ncas, you can also look at case studies on CRNBC to gain a better understanding of how to apply the competencies.
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  13. by   akaur212
    I will do all of the above you said.You are a great resource to me .
    Can you please help me creating scenarios too?
    Like we can do one everyday.This thread will be really helpful for others who are preparing for SLA
    Thanks Dishes
  14. by   akaur212
    Hi Dishes
    I am doing all what you have mentioned.Can we create a scenario on Hypertension for today?