Saudi Arabia

  1. Hello There, This is the first time I've used this link so not sure who to say "hello" to. I am wondering if there are any 40+ nurses who have worked in Saudi Arabia, and what was your experience? I am VERY keen to go and have had mostly good reports on it, and the advice re the obvious culteral differences. Would love to hear from more people who have actually worked Is there ongoing education; Are the different rules too hard to deal with; Is the heat manageable!!!? etc. etc.
    Thanks a lot and look forward to hearing from you.
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  3. by   Carol Twaits
    Hi Brenda Jones! I am an RN working in New York City. I have never worked abroad. I am responding to your message, because I am looking for an International RN to communicate with to make comparisons in cultural diversity and healthcare for a school project. Example - "What is the definition of wellness in your country - New Zealand?"

    I look forward to hearing back from you Brenda - good luck to you in your endeavor. Speak to you soon.