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  1. Has anyone here heard any music by Sara Storer? I've downloaded some of her music recently and I love her style. I finally figured out what the song Katherine was about. Shes singing about a river name Katherine that floods this town. I think before her music career started she was a school teacher. Just wondered if any of you Australian nurses had heard of her. Thanks
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  3. by   frannybee
    Never heard of the artist, but one of my friends lost her house when the Katherine River flooded a few years back....moved back to Brisbane after that.
  4. by   Jaaaman
    Thats interesting. I guess the Katherine river is a big problem for some of those towns in Australia. I really like the song.... I also like "eerie wind" and "buffalo bill".
  5. by   frannybee
    Haven't been able to find anything to download - where did you find her stuff, Jaaaman?
  6. by   Jaaaman
    Found the songs on winmx... This programs is similar to what napster was like. I have been able to find lots of songs with this music search engine. I think its
  7. by   Jaaaman
    I think her hometown is also in a city called Katherine Australia. I think maybe its in the Northwest Territory? I bet its beautiful country in those parts.
  8. by   sandgroper
  9. by   darius000
    Hi Jaaaman,
    I have never heard of Sara Storer, but she sounds great, I will download some of her songs later. Katherine is a town in the Northern Territory about 315 km south of Darwin. About 10,000 people live there, check this site for some pics of the town
  10. by   Jaaaman
    Thanks Patrick. I like the pictures. If I ever visit Australia I will have to travel in that area.
  11. by   Widge
    Yes, Sara Storer is very talented and she would probably appreciate it if you bought her music rather than steal it. She's only starting out and to make a second album she needs to make money from her first album. How can she do this if people steal her music?
  12. by   Widge
    This is her site.

    She's just beautiful.
  13. by   Widge
    Katherine is fully in the Australian Outback. There are a handful of artists in the region, these include the Toe Sucking Cowgirls, Tom Curtain, Sara Storer and Martin Oaks. Also the Waifs have spent a lot of time in the Northern Territory. It's a very unique area of Australia... for more info:
  14. by   teddybear8
    For up to date info on Sara Storer check out this link
    This is a site that has been set up for and by her fans with areas to post messages a photo album and a chat room