Salary: Echelons & Steps how is it for you

  1. Can someone explain to me how your salary is assigned?
    I mean that in Québec they
    (FIQ, Fédération interprofessionnel de la santé du Québec
    use echelons (I believe that in other province and states, it's called steps or ladder in other places), and I do not understand how it works.
    Is this equivalent to your years of experience? ( I hope so)
    Is this according to the levels of specialty?
    Is this according to the years you worked for the same outfit?
    I know that I could try to find out by calling the FIQ (Federation of Healthcare Workers: the syndicat), but I was wondering if one of you could explain how it goes.
    For my curiosity, since I am thinking of going to Québec to practice as a ICU RN, eventually and would like to find out what my 8 years of nursing would count for. :hatparty:
    I am truly curious to find out how it work in the other provinces too.
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  3. by   rubriam
    I came from the US to work to Quebec. Yes, the hospital that I work for they counted the years of experience and the fact that I have a BSN. That puts me on a differnt "echlon" in the FIQ.
    The way that it works is that they ask how many hours do you work in a year and you have to prove it. Each year is worth so many hours I don't remember the amount. I asked HR back in the US to give me a letter stating how many hours per year I had work for them. HR never did because they were confused of what I was asking. I pull out all my December pay stubs from the US, in that pay stub it had a total hours per year. The hospital here in Quebec did not in consideration the overtime hours.

    Look at the

    Nurse Clinician is a nurse who has a Bachelor (page 1)
    Nurse a non Bachelor nurse (page 12)

    THis other link will explain more less which echlon you will be at this time.

    hope this helps if you have more specific questions you can PM me
  4. by   Teachchildren123
    Thank you rubriam! That should help me greatly! May the big boy upthere, watch over you and your patients!
  5. by   Teachchildren123
    One more thing!
    How many holidays & sick days does the RN accumulate? How do this pay?
    Is overtime time and 1/2? Does weekend pay more?
    Do you get shift differentials? Do you have compensation for working in ICU, Labor Delivery, ER?
    Is OT frequently offered? Do you (as a nurse from Quebec, that is) have guaranteed hours?
    What are the pros & cons (according to you) VS working in the US and Canada?
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your replies!:flowersfo
    Take care of yourself too!:spin: