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  1. I want to contact a nurse who emigrated to Australia from my country or a Romanian nurse who allready is there. I want to find how the ANC ind romanian nurses califications: suitable or not? Thank you.
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  3. by   Paul1978

    Did you find any further information?

    My girlfriend is a qualified nurse of Romanian citizenship. She is presently overseas and we want to commence the nursing visa process, but before doing so, would appreciate any information that would clarify exactly what her chances are and outline the most formidable obstacles she might face.


  4. by   cipa

    It's been a lot of time from my last message so meantime, I'm, here, in Australia.
    It tooks me more than 3 yrs to get here and I'm here only from 26 september. If you want to come to Australia, there is a lot of steps to take but if I'll share it to you, it won't take so much time. It's very difficult to asses your files to the regulatory board an it's mandatory to do a bridging course for getting registration in Australia. If you need some information about this, you can go to the romanian forum regarding emigration and read this subject, there is a lot of information about the process of regognition your skill as a romanian nurse... so here it is

    good luck