Problems of Adaptation Nurses

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    Many of the Overseas Nurses who are undergoing Adaptation Courses in UK Nursing Homes are facing the problem of their Nursing Homes not recommending their cases for PIN number after the expiry of the period stipulated by NMC in their Decision Letters. They are made to work as Care workers for an indefinite period of time causing a lot of mental agony to these nurses. In majority of cases these nurses might have paid hefty amount ranging from 2,000/- to 4,000/- to the recruitment agencies for getting posted in these Nursing Homes. It is high time that these Nurses who are spread throughout the UK take up the matter with the RCN and stop the injustice they have been subjected to by Nursing Homes/Recruitment Agents. On my part I have initiated communication with RCN/REC. If any aggrieved nurses are there please write to me
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