Possible double E3 retrogression: FY2007

  1. Hi everyone. Most of you know the impending retrogression that's gonna happen by Oct. if US Congress doesnt come up with additional visas specific for nurses (Schedule A). The USCIS Sept 06 update shows processing dates for E3 visas at March 1 2002. About a 4 and a half year wait, if nurses have to resort to going back to using those. (It's hard to make senators and representatives move before Nov elections).

    In addition to that retrogression for nurses, the USCIS has this bit of news in its Sept. 06 visa bulletin:

    The Employment Third preference cut-off date for most countries has been advanced very rapidly in recent months in an effort to maximize number use under the annual numerical limit. As a result, applicant demand for numbers, particularly for adjustment of status cases at Citizenship and Immigration Service (CIS) Offices, is expected to increase significantly. Therefore, it cannot be assumed that such advances will continue during the coming months. It should be noted that the Department of Labor expects to complete its backlog reduction effort during FY-2007. This effort will result in tens of thousands of cases, including many with very early priority dates, becoming eligible for processing at CIS Offices. This could require the retrogression of the Employment Third preference cut-off dates at any time during FY-2007.

    It's probably more a question about when rather than if US Congress will address the visa backlog for RN's...anyhow...just doing my part to keep everybody posted.
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