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cno lack of transparency, i am unable to contact the entry to practice assessors. unfairness i have been waiting more than others. my wife who was a rn in our country applied to cno 18 months ago... Read More

  1. by   magnoliya
    they do have more applicants but maybe they have more staff members to process these applications? CNO building looks 10 times bigger than SRNA. It is not just one guy here vs another guy there who processes these applications.

    Dear IENs please share, how long did it take in your case to get licensed as RPNs!
    Thank you in advance
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  2. by   ultrarunner
    I hope my experience was just one of the few. Mine was actually pretty straight forward because CNO only need asked to submit a registration verification from Nova Scotia and nothing from the school etc. IENs have a much lengthy process.

    Anyway, I hope magnoliya can come back to let us know after.
  3. by   magnoliya
    sure I will
  4. by   newnursejoan
    yes good luck. I hope you come to a resolution very soon. I'm sure if you've waited this long, that it will be resolved very soon.
  5. by   magnoliya
    thank you
    it is just my poor wife who has been waiting for 18 months. Hopefully they will not ask her to repeat IELTS since it has expired now. I guess it will be difficult to find employment after such a long time of not practicing her skills.
  6. by   magnoliya
    Quote from joanna73
    Fair enough, but realistically anywhere you wish to apply will take at least 3 months.
    This is the normalization of deviance.
    They should stand behind of what they post. People plan their lives.
  7. by   dishes
    I think Canadian regulatroy bodies and the provincial and federal governments are working on improving the process of assessing the credentials of internationally education professionals. They have enacted legislation, such as Bill 124, the Fair Access to Registration Act and they have created the pan-Canadian framework for the assessment and recognition of foreign qualifications. The principles of the pan-Canadian framework are; fairness, transparency, timeliness and consistency. One of the goals of the Pan-Canadian framework is "commitment to timely service, that within one year, an individual will know whether their qualifications will be recognized or be informed of the additional requirements necessary for registration, or be directed toward related occupations commensurate with their skills and experience".

    Hopefully your wife will here from the CNO soon.
  8. by   magnoliya
    thank you for your replay I liked it
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  9. by   Kindy30
    So did you finally get a response?