PLEASE HELP -direct verification from Saudi for my Nursing Registration held with the

  1. I an Indian Registered Nurse, presently working in Bahrain as a Registered Nurse.During May 2002 to May 2006, I worked in Jubal - Saudi Arabia as a Registered Nurse and I have passed the evaluation of the Saudi Health Specialists in my nursing specialty and obtained the license and registration according to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia regulations. I have all documentary evidence to prove my status.

    Now, I am planning to apply for Canadian Nursing Registration and the concerned authority requires a direct verification from Saudi for my Nursing Registration as part of their registration process.

    In order to try how to get this done and whom to contact from this in Saudi Arabia, I have checked the internet, but I was unable to find any related information, lately I have found the SCFHS.ORG website , but ironically its is not in English and I am not well versed in Arabic reading . This is the reason I am trying to send this mail, if your good-self can help me with this, and provide some information on how can I obtain a direct verification.

    I would very grateful for your help me in this dilemma. I also need the courier address and telephone number of SCFHS Al Khobar Branch
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