planning to work in australia??give me some advise

  1. hi there!! i'm a nursing graduate and living here in california. i planning to move in australia but i dont know how. do i have to take the board exam there? who i will contact? will they have a petition so i have a permanent resident there. pls. give me some advise!!!!!!! thanks!!!!!
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  3. by   spiritednurse

    Oz is a beautiful country. Your best bet would be to research via the internet and check out the different nurses board or state health departments. In australia you have to register in the state you plan to work. The other option is to check out some of the agencies here that are sponsering nurses from oversees. Again this information is all at your fingertips via the internet.
    Good luck, Alida
  4. by   bewbew
    spirited nurse,
    these links should help!

    Australian Nursing Council

    Nursing Jobs