Planning to join OMNI college in BC for RN-CLEBAN program- good OR bad? - page 3

Hello all:wavey: This is my first post here. I'm a RN in India, planning to be a RN in Canada. I'm 28 years old and have 6 years of work experience in India. I came across reading about OMNI... Read More

  1. by   Indiawvc
    @dishes...Thanks for the reply....we haven't decided yet...Got to speak to few ex students who are currently working there...We received positive feedback...We are confused now? Please suggest any other colleges there?
  2. by   Marthes
    Hi. I am just curious, did you apply for studies in Omni? Thanks
  3. by   Xhao4ver
    I hope you did not go with Omni yet. For me, its a WASTE of MONEY. If you are planning to go to BC, there are lots of LPN jobs in BC but they will still prioritize their own grads and those people who have PR. Its also hard to get your RN (almost more than 2 years now) in BC as well and that's why Omni kept on suggesting you get "LPN" first because by far its the easiest vs the RN. But mind you, rules changes every now and then, there is no gurantee, and Omni would just give you ambigous gurantee as well. On the other hand, your credentials, even if you have 20 years experience back home, it does not necessarily translate to BC and you need to go to several evaluations, this would take time, money, and give you mental/emotional anguish. If you are still willing to undergo with this, better seek schools that give you student visa other than OMNI. Better search schools that has LPN program that will take you about 6months to a year to finish (its the same time frame if you get your credentials evaluated by CLPNBC)
    Once you are done, the LPN school would help you to pass LPN exams and also you have a better opportunity in finding work in the mainland since you will be considered as "graduate." The degree you earned with this school may help in your express entry PR application as well as "canadian education." By giving yourself this kind of opportunity, you will be ready for a rigorous RN process in BC. Also, in my opinion, job placements are better if you go to schools that have LPN programs than Omni. The facility training that you will have in Omni's program is for care aides and not a LPN or RN one. Otherwise, better check Ontario and the Atlantic.