Planning to apply for masters program. Any advice?

  1. I'm a RN currently working in Ontario since I graduated last year. Now I"m thinking about applying for a masters program to advance my career into may be a nursing educator position. I dont exactly have a whole plan laid out yet but I'm wondering if anyone can give me any advice or tips on applying and getting accepted into a program in Ontario. I'm a bit anxious about the essay I have to write about why I want to get in the program b/c I heard it worth a lot of points. And also my GPA want exactly an A.
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  3. by   canadiangradschoolrn
    Hmm, I know GPA is a priority for most schools. So also is your leadership positions. Make sure you join RNAO and volunteer to develop leadership. For instance, you can work on committees or become a member of a RNAO interest group, attend conferences. This will boost up your application. My friend was told the reason she didnt get into a NP program was because she didnt have any leadership related experience and her marks were on the boarderline. She however was accepted into a MN program, in her first year of the MN program, she worked on her GPA and also joined RNAO, she was then able to get in. Remember, schools look at your academic strenght, research potential, leadership potential and clinical strength (through references). With your low academic background, a good reference from a professor that knows you well will be good. Remember, when asking professors for references, ask them if they can write you a good reference, not if they can write you a reference. Dont be upset if they say no, its better for them to tell you no than to write you a bad reference.