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  1. greetings to all.. im staff nurse from india with 1 year 4 months experience. i passed out on sep 2009 and i got my provisional registration on jan 2010 but permanent registration only on sep 2010. i resigned frm hospital on jan 2011. so is it paossible for me to apply for UK registration?
    i mean, is it possible to apply with 1 year post study experience or 1 year post registration is required?
    plz help me with ur valuable answers
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  3. by   babyNP.
    I think you should be fine; were you practicing as a RN during your provisional time? You can always call the NMC to make sure.

    However, I'd like to bring to your attention that it's nearly impossible to get a job as an overseas nurse in the UK right now unless you have EU citizenship or are the spouse of someone with EU citizenship. The only people they are accepting for employment on the shortage occupation are those with OR (theatre) or NICU (neonatal) experience. Do you have experience in either of those areas?
  4. by   buttercup06
    im afraid i dont ve experience in these areas. i worked as staff nurse in medical ICU. i heard its tough to get work permit in UK these days... i searched for contact number of nursing council in their website. but call was not connecting. do u know the enquiry number?