1. Can you give me some information about nursing in sweden?about Kristianstad University?
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  3. by   Sweden

    Im a swedish nurse and would be glad to help, but I do need a little more information.

  4. by   RunningBecky
    Hej Anne. I am not the person who first posted but can I request some advise from you? I have a Swedish teacher who lives just outside of Uppsalla (via Skype) but she is not a nurse. My plan is, next year I plan to come to Sweden and first take a Swedish class. Good communication is of course essential in nursing and my oral comprehesion will still need some work I suspect. I am a US trained nurse. I know the requirements to transfer the license but it may take a year or more. Sooo, what I am wondering is, since I will need to work eventually to stay after my semester (from US & Canada) so I need to find employment while transfering my license, taking any required clinicals and such and of course to support myself longer then the 4 months semester.

    I hope to find employment as an underskterska while transfering my licensed. I will need to do that fairly quickly while in school. I have found some agencies from the employment website, Proffice Care, Prime Professonal, Ava Care, Gtene Municipality, Melon Home Board Area, etc. etc. That would allow me to support myself, gain experience in the Swedish medical system and continue to improve my Swedish (board requires B-2 competency but really, professonally it should be better I think). Plus it would allow me to stay in the country longer then the 3 month tourist stay I am allowed.

    So my question is, is this plan feasible and do you have any suggestions about gaining employment while I have residence as a student?
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  5. by   YR080808
    Hi Im happy to find your account here. I have some questions about working in Sweden. Do you have any idea if nurses who are Hepatitis B healthy carrier are allowed to work in Sweden? I am currently enrolled in a Swedish language class. I hope you could give me an advice about this. Thank you!
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