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  1. Hello everyone,
    I'm very excited to find how comprehensive the topics this thread covers are. Though someone in this thread has written already, I could found here much useful information that I couldn't elsewhere.

    By the way, I'd like to know about how learning "foreign languages" (that is, langauges other than French) or learning about different cultures are incorporated into formal nursing education in France. I'm not a nurse but just an educator who teaches English to nursing students at a nursing college in Japan. So I'm particularly interested in the place of English in French nursing education. I know that my topic is different from the other postings, but I'm afraid I couldn't find anywhere else better than here.

    It would be easier for you to figure out my intention if I write about my background a little further here. I've been doing a culture learning program for nursing students with my online forum on the Internet, in which the participants use their Engilsh to exchange information and improve their language itself at the same time. My colleagues and I are connecting nursing students around the world who are studying English language via the Internet, in other words. We now only allows universities/schools to participate in the program but not individual students. The current members are only 6 schools in the following countries: China, Israel, Japan, Korea, Spain, and Thailand. I'm expecting this program to include more classes and more schools in many parts of the world in the future.

    What is particularly difficult with this program would be obvious: the different curricula each participant school has; the participants are very different in their fluency of English, and so on. Fortunately, however, the program works well for the moment.

    The more vrieties we could embrace, the better the program will be. France is very famous for its tolerance for different cultures and thus, I think it's much advanced in this respect. So I imagine some school for nurses might have culture education or language courses. It's very helpful indeed if anyone could provide any information about language-learning and culture learning in French nursing education sytems. I'm hoping that we could have some collaboration with some classes or schools in France in the future if possible.

    Thank you in advance.
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