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Is their any Western Australian Nurses here who have had the please of being stuffed around by NurseWest? More importantly, do you think they have any employees yet? I have not seen one NurseWest... Read More

  1. by   sue_smith
    I know what you mean!!!!!!! I have a friend that is an EN who works agency casually every now and again. She usually goes to Charlie's and they usually put her on a med or surg ward but Nurse West sent her to ED!! Apparently they have done that to loads of people and try to send EN's to vent comp ICU shifts....obviously they don't know what they are doing!!
    I'd be very interested to know if you got a response from that form, Barb - my friend didn't do anything about it as she was only there for the one shift and didn't want to black mark her name, but she felt really unsafe as she has NEVER entered ED before in her life!