Nurses working in the Yukon?

  1. Hi. I'm a pre-nursing student right now, but my husband and I will be moving to the Yukon territory in a few years as soon as I've finished my education & gained some experience. I would love to hear what Yukon RN's (or northern BC) experiences are in nursing? & what advice would you give me?

    We're committed to this region, so any comments are welcomed!
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  3. by   Cinquefoil
    <Bumping post up> Hello? Still here, still committed to working and living in the Yukon.

    Cold? Check - have nice down jacket and pants
    Dark? Already purchased sunlamp
    High prices? Yep, no way around those
    Language barrier? Plan on learning language, already researched Native language programs, speak passable French
    Small town? Yep, and know it takes at least ten years for anyone to truly BEGIN to get their footing in a small town. Husband born and raised there....
    Skills? Already plotting to spend several years working in city, in hospital, becoming as skilled as possible before moving North

    Anyone with experiences in the Yukon here?