Nurse training in UK

  1. Hi
    I've just been in touch with the people at this website.
    It's run by qualified Nurse Trainers, equipment specialists and ebme engineers in the UK.

    The site is very new but is attracting members rapidly.
    Check it out.

    There is plently of room on the internet for everyone, isn't there?
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  3. by   Mike RGN
    Hi cyberpunk

    I think this is the url for the site you have described
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  4. by   Mwene karani
    Guys out there,this is my first posting on this site. I leave in Kampala Uganda, am a male psychiatric nurse and have been practicing and administering haemodialysis for the last three years. I am about to relocate to the UK to explore further heights and request any one with useful information to contact me on ( I will be greatful to you. About the site it is one of the sites i found so captivating. Hear from you.
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  5. by   Nuru99
    Hey Mwene,

    I used to live in the uk but am now living in Canada. Still miss london though. I used to work in London in UCL hospital and I loved it there. Housing is really expensive in London and we used live in Kent so we could afford a halfway decent house.

    Actually thats one of the reasons why we moved to Canada. Like I said I don't work there any more but I only left 3 months ago so if there's anything you need to know I would be glad to help in my limited capacity.