New Zealand Registration

  1. hi aini here,

    im a phil nurse that's down in my luck, and i'd really appreciate the help that this forum may provide, not only for myself, but for others as well planning to register to be a nurse at new zealand.

    i've done my ielts, passed with a band score of 8. and already scanning prospects of contacts for professional and character references. unfortunately while scanning through the requirements i noted that i need an employment letter. sad fact is all i had was volunteer work. will this affect my application in anyway? and can i provide alternatives to said employment letter?

    another nagging thing is, whilst reading posts based on new zealand registration "CAP" seems to always turn up. so in an attempt to further make myself sound more idiotic and naive than ussual. what is CAP?

    please please reply. since its a double please a sense of desperation is definitely implied.

    xox aini
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