new r.n.& processing fiancee visa

  1. hello are there anybody here who are preparing to take the nclex-r.n. and at the same time processing the fiancee visa? thank you.
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  3. by   joannp
    I'm in the middle of processing my fiancee visa too and just waiting for my NOA2. What I did is I went ahead and sent my application to Vermont and also filled-out a transcript request form for my school so they can send a certified copy of my transcript ahead of time. They received my application 08-14-06 and got an email from them stating that it will take at least 2-3 months for the whole process. I chose Vermont because you can apply w/o a SS# and you don't have to be a local board passer. I just attached a letter stating that i have no intention of practicing in my country of education that's why i didn't take the board exam. I'm 3mos now into my fiancee visa process so i'm hoping to be in the US before the year end in w/c time i can hopefully get an authorization to test from Vermont. Another step that i also did is filled out a transcript request form for California since taht's where my fiance is living. I'm planning to endorse there as soon as i pass NCLEX
  4. by   c15th01
    thank you for replying, i wonder what is NOA2? Vermont replied to us already regarding our fiancee visa, and i guess its gonna be different from state to state? coz i planned to practice in Massachusetts(my fiance lives there) and i sent already board certification to Massachusett board of nursing and i am waiting by mail now my CES result since it is finish and i think Massachusetts have the CES report already. then eligibility to take nclex exam, then i will apply to take the nclex-pearson vue hmmm i hope all is well, i pray that i can take nclex december or january2007 if all is well i will take it in u.s. but if the visa is not approved i guess i will take it in hongkong then coz i might forget what i studied hmmmmm yours is kinda different huh im glad we share ideas
  5. by   joannp
    When did ur fiance filed the petition? NOA1 is the acknowledgement letter that they received your application then after 3-6 mos after the application is approved then he will receive a NOA2 and they are ready to forward your documents to the US Embassy in Manila so they can schedule your medical and interview. I'm currently attending a review center just to kill time coz this whole waiting is killing me I just also found out today that Vermont BON finally match up my application and transcript of record. Good luck to you on the rest of this wonderful but sometimes painful journey