Need help choosing nursing school.....

  1. hello folks

    i`m new to this site and from the the philippines but now a US citizen husband and i have decided that I would go back to the philippines to attend nursing school .......were in the early stages and trying to plan this all out so that i can start attend this June .... Im looking to attend Bataan Peninsula State University in Orani, Bataan or Our Lady of Fatima University in Lagro, Q.C..... im thinking BPSU because its in the province and away from manila`s traffic and being cheeper to live ,but I dont know much about this school.... does anyone know about or been to there nursing progam??? your input would be greatly appreciated......thank you
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  3. by   red_jeans
    Hi lovelly!

    You're in the same situation with my cousins. They just went back to the Phil. to take up Nursing. They'll be starting this month.

    If you're a second courser, might be better to research for schools that can credit the subjects you took with your first course. I think it's available in this site... just try to search it.

    Do you have dual citizenship? Nursing schools here have additional school requirements for US citizen and with dual citizenship students. FYI, there are nursing schools that offer International Nursing Program. It's much expensive compared to the regular nursing program. There were even schools that will give you US diploma (Arellano University -, you'll take 2-3 years here and another year in Alderson-Broaddus College of West Virginia, U.S.A.

    Other schools which I think are much better, are University of the East and Trinity University of Asia. You must also consider the school's passing rate, because I believe that reflects the quality of education they provide.

    But if you have limited financial resources or you prefer living in the provinces, yes you may consider nursing schools in the provinces. There are also good standing schools in Northern Luzon.

  4. by   red_jeans
    you may also check this link ...

    i hope this can help you.