1. Hello nurses,i have an issue here and need your help urgently pls.i applied for nclex last year thru Ohio Bon and since then have been waiting to be made eligible until a friend of mine adviced me to apply with vermont which i did and i also informed them[nclex and vermont] of my ordeal with ohio Bon.
    Yesterday i got a mail telling me my registration has expired and i need to re-apply for nclex,then today i got a mail from vermont telling me they sent my card and i need to inform nclex myself,my question now is,which card? is it my duty to inform nclex or thiers?
    someone should pls throw more light on the process involved as you all know am an angry girl right now and wouldnt want to end up in a psychiatric unit because the stress is getting to my neck soon it will cut off my head so help!!!!
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