MAN at UP???

  1. hi everyone,

    are there students from up (man) graduate school?just want to ask if they are strict with the 1 YEAR EXPERIENCE requirement they have for MAN program...will they consider even if there is no experience?can someone please give me the details on how to apply at up (man) graduate school? (fees,exams,units,etc)...also, details about the up open university...i would appreciate much if you can help me on this..thanks...
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  3. by   gambutrol
    I have friends and co-workers who are taking up masterals in UP.. I think they do require at least 1 year experience.. I know that the UP open university has a website.. try to look it up..
  4. by   creativemind22

    thanks for your reply...i tried checking their site and it says that there should be 1 year experience...actually im on eye for those who are studying at up grad may it be regular schooling or open university (for inquiries)..i hope you can give some feedback (with your friends help) regarding their 1 year experience requirement...i hope that they accept even without experience..thanks again...