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Help needed!! Can anyone tell me how prevelent learning disability nursing is in NZ and whether jobs are mostly in the private or public sector? I am currently deputy manager of an NHS acute... Read More

  1. by   mrsyeti400
    hi, just got in from work. i'm from newcastle and i really am a beginner at this site (another 'thing to do' is get to grips with allnurses.com!...think i will watch the vid) Yeah it'd be good to keep in touch and share info etc. Have you been to NZ? Its hard to imagine a life in another country where i havent been to! My brother-in-law has been and said it was great but typicalbloke...didn't elaborate and was more interested to talk about the rugby than the country! Its at the back of my mind that i really should at least check out some cheap flights (if they exist???) and trek over there to plant my feet on the ground and see what its like. I am a bit wary of promo sites and like to see for myself before i completely go for it. I did wtach the billy connelly tour of NZ a) cos i like billy connelly and b) it shows you a more human side to the country, its people and places which i think impresses me most of all. got to go now but do keep in touch!
  2. by   SNK05
    Hi Donna

    Back at work after 10 days off...ish! Total bedlum! And OH was home for a couple of days (Works away 2weeks at a time at the mo). I was going to PM you but I think you have to have so many posts before you can do that so will carry on in the open forum for the time being.

    I was away, visiting family when the Billy Connolly thing was on, gutted that I missed it....he's fab! Will have to see if they repeat it, seem to repeat everything else on Sky...lol

    We've not had a reccy of NZ either....Google Earth is the closest we've got to putting our feet on the ground so to speak. I do check out the ENZ forum quite a lot, loads of input about people's experiences etc. They have a great pictures thread on there at the moment....wow.

    I caught a couple of the 'Wanted Down Under' programmes but still, you can't get a proper feel for the place unless you go....I too am very sceptical about promo sites. Like I said, I just search, search, search and see what comes up! Usually District Health Boards and companies for job prospects etc. Also, lots of threads on forums point you in the right direction.

    Gotta get ready for work....catch up soon